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Description of Solid Cologne

Beard Bros. Solid Cologne is the superior alternative to the typical spray-on or splash-on scents.  Ours provides a longer-lasting scent and is extremely concentrated, so you can apply sparingly. Less is more. You want to avoid smelling like you walked out of the flagship store of any given teen-interest brand in the early aughts, right?

Scent Profiles

  • Cowboy: Soothing worn leather and wood scented.

Features and benefits

The 2 oz tin of Beard Bros. Solid Cologne incorporates far more natural ingredients than their spray-on counterparts, so if you're the type of consumer that cares about things like avoiding harmful chemicals and compostable packaging it's for you.  Also their solid composition means you'll waltz through TSA without a second thought. No more busted bottles in the gym bag either!

How to use Solid Cologne and What to expect

Remove lid and rub 2 fingers over solid (don't dig). Apply to your pulse points, like the wrists and neck.  Body heat will enhance scent.

To get the most out of your Beard Bros. Solid Cologne, keep the top of the tin secured when not in use. Store at room temperature. 

Beard Bros. Solid Cologne is different because our refreshing scents offer an invigorating priming of the senses as a fresh way to start or end your day. Plus, our products are good for the earth and offer a collection of cologne and facial hair products that work synergistically for the best results.

Solid Cologne Ingredients

Beard Bros. Solid Cologne contains the following ingredients:

  1. Shea Butter
  2. Kokum Butter
  3. Sweet Almond
  4. Beeswax
  5. Essential Oils

How Solid Cologne is packaged

This 2 oz tin comes tucked into a recycled paper box on a bed of recycled shred and labeled with an eco-friendly label using algae ink, because why not do good to the earth?

Why we included Solid Cologne in the Beard Bros. Collection

You've got work to do, and you can't waste time worrying about busted bottles or applying too much!

Shipping Information

We understand every dollar counts, so we’ve negotiated the best shipping rates on your behalf. If you have questions about shipping, please reach out to us at

Each box has dimensions of 7 inches X 5 inches X 2 inches and weighs 60 grams. We’ve sourced our shipping material with recycled cardboard printed with algae ink. Online customers can choose their shipping option at checkout. Orders placed before 3pm CST typically get processed that day. If placed after 3pm CST, your order will be processed the next business day. Orders are shipped Monday-Friday.

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Who are the Beard Bros.?

Co-owners Dan and Pat Dolan know beards—they proudly showcase their own respective styles—and the Brothers’ focus on helping guys grow their best beard.

Tapping into their business, life, and personal beardology experiences, Beard Bros. offers a variety of USA-based, environmentally friendly, high-quality men’s grooming products. The Brothers. want you to be proud of your mug—and they’re confident that their goods will help keep you looking, feeling, and smelling amazing. 

The Beard Bros. handmade, small-batch grooming products include an assortment of beard soaps, beard balms, beard butters, and beard oils without harsh chemicals. They treat facial hair and skin safely and naturally, and sustainable production processes benefit the environment - from algae ink labels to 99% plastic-free compostable packaging.

Customer Reviews

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Cami Shatters
If you’re going to anything, be efficient

The Cowboy scent is very rugged without trying too hard. Having it available in a solid and in such efficient, durable packaging makes it long-lasting and efficient, in a lot of ways. Glad I found this for my husband!