About Us | Beard Bros. Grooming Products

Ethical Grooming Products for Beardsmen

Maintaining a mane—whether you’re sporting stubble, rocking an all-out Ned Kelly, or boasting a ‘stashe, sideburns, or other whisker-inspired adventure—requires more attention than just a quick scrub in the shower. But creating a facial hair care routine doesn’t have to be difficult.

Whether you’re looking for quality products to clean, condition, tame, or soothe your hair and skin—or if you simply need some guidance on product types—Beard Bros. has your back. (Well, your face.) 


Good looks. Good feels. Good smells. 

Co-owners Dan and Pat Dolan know beards—they proudly showcase their own respective styles—and the Brothers’ focus on helping guys grow their best beard.

Tapping into their business, life, and personal beardology experiences, Beard Bros. offers a variety of USA-based, environmentally friendly, high-quality men’s grooming products. The Brothers. want you to be proud of your mug—and they’re confident that their goods will help keep you looking, feeling, and smelling amazing. 


Healthy, natural grooming products. (And packaging!) 

Beard Bros.’ commitment to naturally-sourced products begins with a personal connection to the earth and its surroundings. Hands-on woodworking experience, respect for wildlife, and an appreciation of all things nature-inspired sets the tone for their vision, resulting in high standards for their line of handmade, small-batch grooming products.

Men and their partners will appreciate an assortment of soaps, balms, and oils with no harsh chemicals—all created to treat skin and facial hair safely and naturally.

The environment benefits from sustainable practices, too, like printing labels with algae ink (which cuts fossil fuel use entirely out of the process) and packaging with 99% plastic-free materials (also compostable!). It’s a win-win for all on this planet. 


You’ll love it. Promise. 

Beard Bros. stands behind its entire product line—so if you don’t feel the love, you'll get your money back with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.