Beard & Grooming FAQs

beard grooming faqs

Frequently Asked Questions by Beardsmen


What does beard oil do?

Beard hair can be wiry. At best, an itchy beard will have you picking, pulling and scratching at your jaw during the worst moments: job interviews, dates and during office-wide Zoom calls.That's why Beard Bros. beard oil helps soften the beard by moisturizing each individual hair. Plus, softening and conditioning the skin under the beard helps relieve beardsmen of the often-pesky itch that comes with growing a beard.

How do Beard Bros. products work compared to the competition?

Beard Bros. beard products are different from other lines in four main ways. 

  1. Our refreshing scents offer an invigorating priming of the senses as a fresh way to start or end your day.
  2. Our products use a combination of simple, non-harsh ingredients.
  3. The product line works synergistically for the best results. 
  4. Our products and packaging are good for the earth. We use sustainable paper packaging tubes (not plastic) and swapped out petroleum-derived ink for sustainable ink products grown from algae so we can all work to reduce our carbon footprint.

Who are the Beard Bros.?

Co-owners Dan and Pat Dolan know beards—they proudly showcase their own respective styles—and the Brothers’ focus on helping guys grow their best beard.

Tapping into their business, life, and personal beardology experiences, Beard Bros. offers a variety of USA-based, environmentally friendly, high-quality men’s grooming products. The Brothers. want you to be proud of your mug—and they’re confident that their goods will help keep you looking, feeling, and smelling amazing. 

The Beard Bros. handmade, small-batch grooming products include an assortment of soaps, balms, and oils without harsh chemicals. They treat facial hair and skin safely and naturally, and sustainable production processes benefit the environment - from algae ink labels to 99% plastic-free compostable packaging.

How do you use beard oil?

To use beard oil, add 3-5 drops to hands, rub together to spread oil evenly. Apply to skin before or after shaving. For beards, work through hair to condition skin first, then to whiskers using downward strokes. Comb/brush through to distribute beard oil evenly. It's great for conditioning beards and preventing dry/itchy skin.

What's the best way to maintain my beard?

The Beard Bros. collection of beard products works synergistically to create the best results. Maintaining your mane is personal to you, but here's what we use and recommend:

Beard and Body Soap
First, give it a good wash. Clean out the grime, invigorate the senses with either our Privateer or No. 1 scent profiles, and prime your beard with Beard and Body Soap
Beard Balm
Condition, shape, and tame your beard with beard balm. Start by applying balm to your beard, avoiding the skin underneath. Use a beard comb or brush to distribute the product evenly through your beard.
Beard Butter
Apply beard butter to your beard, working through hair to skin underneath. Then apply to whiskers from roots to tip of beard. Finish with beard comb or brush. Ideal to use alongside beard oil to help condition hair.
Beard Oil
A good beard oil can't be over-stated. Add 3-5 drops to your hands, rub them together to spread the oil evenly. Apply the oil to your skin before or after shaving. For beards, work the beard oil through your beard hair to condition skin first, then to whiskers using downward strokes. Comb/brush through the beard oil to distribute evenly. Great for conditioning beards and preventing dry/itchy skin.
For more tips on taking care of your beard, read our write up about "5 Ways to Take Care of Your Beard" in our beard tips blog post.

How do I grow a long beard?

Growing a long beard is an art, brother. You'll find some of your proudest moments might be days when your beard looks most on point. The best way to grow a long beard is to take good care of it with quality grooming products. 

Growing a long beard might be for you, or you might try one of the many beard styles listed in our write up "What's the best beard style for you? Browse our beard style checklist."

What are the stages of growing a beard?

Good question. Growing a beard rightfully comes with a few different seasons. First, there's the dreaded itchy beard stage - Learn what to do about it in our article, "Itchy beard? Try these fixes." Next, there's the "in between" phase where you almost have your beard just how you like it. Finally, there's perfection. With patience and the right lineup of beard grooming products, your beard game will be on point.

How do I make my beard softer?

It's not magic, but sometimes finding the right solution to soften your beard can feel like it. For a softer beard, start your beard care regimen with the right eco-friendly soap without harsh chemicals. Next, get a good beard butter or beard balm. Finally, don't skip the beard oil

How do I stop beard itch?

Don't worry, brother. It happens to the best of us. We've got you covered in this article about how to fix an itchy beard. TLDR: Wash with a good beard soap and don't forget the beard oil.

Can Beard Bros. products be used for mustaches?

No doubt about it. Mustaches, The beard without a 'stache, The Scruff, The Corpo, The Anchor Beard, The Full Beard, The Beard-stache, The Van Duke, The Pointed Mustache, and the Ned Kelley. Our beard products are equal opportunity.

How do I treat a wiry beard?

Take a look at "5 Ways to Take Care of Your Beard" where we give you a run down about how to care for your beard, including what to do about a wiry beard.

Do your products help grow beards?

Growing a healthy beard starts with using high quality products without harsh chemicals. When we created the Beard Bros. Grooming Products beard oil, beard soap, beard butter, and beard butter line, helping beardsmen grow a healthy beard was our M.O. Our products condition and nurture your skin and hair to help you grow facial hair to look your best.

Beard balm vs beard oil - what's the difference?

Good question. Both help you look your best. Beard balm helps you tame your beard and shape it just how you like it. Beard butter contains ingredients for a deep conditioning of even the most wiry hairs.